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I'm at a loose end - so I came here.

Hello! I am new!

I am a big radio comedy fan, and 6:30 on weeknights has been particulary filled recently. I've only heard the first two of the new Hitch hiker's series, as we're recording it, but everything else is MINE! I like The Now Show, It's been a bad week, 99p challenge, ISIHAC, anything with Marcus Brigstocke in... you get the picture.
I have a large archive of ISIHAC episodes, but they're all on casset.
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Love I'm Sorry! Punt and Dennis are fine, for old time's sake, on the *Now* Show - but they have turned into Roy Hudd! Like Marcus Brigstocke, my psychology friends would say that he doesn't respect boundaries
He doesn't respect eardrums at some points, either!